• Blaine Vanderzanden

    Thanks again for another great hunt! I had a very good time this last season with you and the group. Hope your year goes well for you and the family, and looking forward to hunting with you again in

  • Harold Haraghey, Jr.

    I hope you’re going to run a camp like you did this year—it looks like six of us would like to come back next year for mule deer – myself, my brother Rich and four other guys. I can’t say enou

  • James G. Wino (Jim)

    I really enjoyed hunting with you and I would like to commend you on the professional manner in which you planned and prepared everything down to the smallest detail. I know that some of the group is

  • Rick Rhoads

    I personally want to thank you for a fantastic hunt. I can't begin to explain to people what a great time we all had. Scott and myself are definitely coming out again, this time for the trophy hunt.

  • Harvey Gilbertson

    Thank you for the super hunt trip. The accommodations and food and hunt were worth every dime we spent. So, if you need any recommendations feel free to call or write to me. Your Hunting Buddy Ha