Montana Experience outfitters now offers archery antelope hunts, and can be combined with multiple mixed bagged hunting trips. you can mix up 1, 2 or all 3 of our hunted species (Elk, Antelope and Deer). I do not know of any outfitter or location where you are able to get multiple opportunities or shots on a daily basis.

Our archery antelope hunts use some favorite watering holes because antelope don't go down by the lake much. Our shots at antelope are generally a little bit longer, ranging from 40 to 80 yards. One technique we use is decoying the antelope buck away from its' herd. Recently, Carl Mann personally decoyed over 8 bucks during the season. This is why I suggest plenty of arrows. I shot plenty of times. You also may purchase doe tags along with your buck tag so you are given many opportunities every day. All of our archery hunts whether it is deer, antelope or elk are currently conducted as a 1-on-1 guide trip. Your guides have all hunted successfully with archery equipment themselves. Most of them have all achieved Pope & Young record book heads. One of our guides has achieved the Boone & Crockett award for antelope with his bow. I think it is hard to beat our system of guided hunts; we set you up for multiple shooting opportunities over multiple days.

Again, with the comfortable lodging at the Historic Fort Peck Lodge, and great food prepared by our cook, you will enjoy every minute of your trip. We have places to practice when you arrive and most archery hunts start the beginning of September and end the first part of October; except for antelope, which generally starts August 15th and runs through October 1st. Antelope archery tags are a lottery draw. The State of Montana gives out 5,600 archery antelope tags. Last year, there were 5,601 applicants, so your odds are extremely good. Plus, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said they are adding more tags this year. So, get a jump on hunting season. Start with us in August for antelope hunts.

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